Privacy Turns & Escutcheons

Privacy Turns: These are locking mechanisms normally used on bathroom or toilet doors. They can be locked from the inside only, generally by way of a thumb turn. However a slot on the outside plate means that, if necessary, they can be unlocked from the outside using a coin or something similar. This can be useful if you have young kids who can lose keys or who may on occasion need to be “rescued”. The most common form is with a rose backing but they are also available as a plate option.

Escutcheons: These are used only with Lever on Rose handles and provide cover for the keyhole (they are sometimes referred to as “Key Covers”). If you don’t intend to lock your doors then these are not required.

Most Hardware is available in a variety of finishes as well as the one shown.To determine the finish of the hardware please look at the last letters of the Item Code and compare with the table at the bottom of the page. Please contact us for more information.