External Composite Doors

Our Composite Doors bring the sophisticated appearance of solid timber with all the stability, energy efficiency and durability of modern materials. At 70mm thick as standard our doors are made from Fibreglass (GRP) and uPVC with steel reinforcement and a rigid, high density, energy retaining injected polyurethane core. The doors are supplied complete with a frame and, if needed, sidelights or fanlight.

A large range of colours are available as standard or, if you prefer, you can specify the exact shade required. To allow you to match existing schemes you can have different colours on the inside and outside of the door or frame. You can choose your glazing pattern from our selection or you can specify your own design, giving you complete flexibility over the finished door. All glazed doors come Triple Glazed as standard.

The doors are supplied pre-fitted with high quality door furniture and hardware in a variety of finishes. You can also choose the Threshold type if you have particular needs (wheelchair access or prams.)