At Doors Plus Floors we understand that Flooring is an integral part of the decor of any room. We also understand how your needs can vary significantly according to use & location. For that reason we sell a huge variety, from Solid & Engineered to Laminate, in a wide range of finishes. We have everything you need to get the job done economically and to the highest standard.

Laminate Flooring: Laminate flooring is a multi-layer synthetic flooring product fused together with a lamination process. Laminate flooring simulates wood (or sometimes stone) with a photographic applique layer under a clear protective layer. The inner core layer is usually composed of melamine resin and fiber board materials. Laminate flooring is suitable for use with Underfloor Heating. There is an European Standard No. 13329:2000 specifying laminate floor covering requirements and testing methods.

Finishes: Natural Oak, Walnut, Acacia, Ash, White Teak, Wenge, Rustic Oak, Grey Oak, Golden Oak, Vintage Oak, Colonial Oak, Urban Oak.

Engineered Flooring:  This flooring provides the look of solid wood together with practical and cost benefits that have seen it become one of the most popular flooring types today. This type of flooring uses real wood but, instead of being left in its solid state, the wood is formed into different layers, which are then cut into the planks that make up the floor. The veneer on Engineered Flooring is typically a minimum of 5mm thick with an overall plank thickness of 17 – 21mm making it very durable and stable. It is suitable for use with Underfloor Heating.

Finishes: Rustic White Oak, Walnut,  Curupixia, Rustic Walnut, Ash, Jatoba, Maple, Wenge, Limed Oak, Sucupira, Smoked Oak, Iroko, White Oiled Oak, Antique Oak, Brushed & Oiled Oak, Russet, Polar Oak, Unfinished Oak.

Semi Solid: This is constructed in exactly the same way as the Engineered but typically has a thinner veneer (minimum 2mm) and the planks themselves are normally 10 – 14mm thick. Because of the rugged construction this flooring is also suitable for laying onto Underfloor Heating.

Finishes: Ash, Beech, Cherry, Jatoba, Merbau, White Oak, Birch

Solid Flooring: Real wood is the finest flooring solution that you can choose for your home. As the name suggests, solid wood flooring doesn’t just look authentic, it is authentic. Each plank is milled from a single piece of timber, so there are no veneers used; just one piece of wood. These are normally supplied unfinished and can be sanded over and over to give extremely long life. Not suitable for use with Underfloor heating.

Finishes: White Oak, Birch, Acacia, Ash, Maple, Pine, Red Oak, Brushed & Oiled Oak, Natural Oak, Unfinished Oak, Golden Oak, Antique Oak.